All Levels Cornhole Club

Yuba City, Marysville, Colusa, and Oroville

Dirty 530 is a cornhole club in Northern California (530 area code). It started with one location in Yuba City and has expanded to include Colusa and Oroville. The club is great for a range of players from beginners to advanced and prides itself in helping players get addicted to the sport and providing an instant family. Come check out a tournament near you with no pressure and no commitment.


Absolutely! At the very least come out and watch so you can get a feel for how a tournament runs. Even though you will feel intimidated by some of the advanced players you will quickly find that they are all there to help you get better. We all have the same mission… to get more people throwing. So we love to see new faces come out and give it a shot.

You do not need a partner for most DFT events. We often do something called a “switcholio” which means you will be randomly paired with a different partner for 4 rounds. You are then placed with a partner for play-offs based on you rank.

We use a digital tournament app called Scoreholio to run our tournaments to be as fair as possible!

Here’s how it works:

You pre-register on the Scoreholio app. You can either click the sign up buttons on this page or search for the app in the app store, click “Find a Tournament” and then search “DFT”.

When you show up to the tournament you will pay us cash and then you will be randomly partnered with other players for 4 rounds. You are scored individually for each game. 

For example, if you and your partner won the first game you will receive 21 points. Your next game (with a different partner) maybe didn’t go as well… maybe you only got 10 points before the other team won. So then you receive 10 points to bring your 2-game total to 31 points.

After 4 rounds, players are ranked individually based on their total points for the 4 games. 

In playoffs, you are partnered based on rank so that the teams are as even as possible. So the 1st place person is paired with the middle placed person.

Then we have a single elimination play-off (due to time constraints) and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in each division win the pot!

All DFT events have a buy-in, typically it’s $10. You would need to bring cash the day of the event to purchase your seat in the tournament. We pay out 80% of the pot to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in cash.  We also like to do fun things like raffle boards or bags, and an airmail challenge where you purchase a raffle ticket to try and make a shot in the airmail box (a box with a hole in it) for a piece of the pot.

The majority of our players will have their own bags. This means if you don’t have a set of bags you can bet your partner you are randomly paired with will have bags to use. If not, we always have loaner bags you can use to play.

When you arrive you will find players warming up on the boards to prepare for the event, at the bar grabbing a beer or cocktail, maybe even having a bite to eat or just waiting for the tournament to start.

They will get you registered and collect your payment which signals the app to assign you to a court once the tournament begins. If it’s a switcholio event, you will receive a text message with your partner and the court you are on when you’re up.

You just walk up to your court and introduce yourself to your partner and opponents. You will discuss whose bags you want to use and what side of the board you want to stand on.

You do a “down and back” which is where you each get to practice throwing before you begin. Then your opponent will say good luck, give you a fist bump, and you get started. There are tablets on each court to keep score and once someone reaches 21 you can submit your score and go sit down. You will receive a text when you’re up again and until then feel free to mingle with other players waiting to play! 

After 4 rounds all your points will be tallied and you will either make the play-offs and continue or you will be done and can stay and watch. 

If you make play-offs you will be assigned to a partner based on your points and it will be a single elimination play-off.


There are no age restrictions to come play cornhole! We have teens, adults, and seniors come to our events.

For casino venues, teens would need to be accompanied to the cornhole room and cannot be found wondering the casino floors unattended.